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ABS plastics

One of the main activities of the «Plastic» plant – manufacturing and sale of domestic ABS plastic. We produce a number of brands of this material, giving our customers a choice. In addition, our company has arranged the production of parts from ABS plastic to order.


The full name of the material in question is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (abs). It is a product of copolymerization of: Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. It’s being manufactured and sold in granules and powder. The plastic is mostly opaque.

We offer a very affordable cost of ABS plastic, which has a number of advantages:

• fabricability;

• high impact resistance;

• possibility of customization of very durable components;

• elasticity;

• the possibility of giving any desired color;

• the low price.


Our company is Russian manufacturer of ABS plastic that uses technology purchased from the Japanese company Asahi Chemical International, LTD. The technological process involves the emulsion copolymerization of Styrene with the addition of a Butadiene rubber and Acrylonitrile. The use of Japanese technology ensures impeccable quality ABS plastic, which you can buy from us.

Production capacities of OJSC «Plastic» are competently equipped with:

∙ facilities for producing ABS plastic of 23 thousand tons per year capacity;

∙ German machineries for dosing, mixing, compounding, packaging of material, and implementation of other technological operations. We produce a range of molding and extrusion grades of ABS plastic. Among them you will surely be able to choose the ones that best fit your needs.


Decent features of the material listed above have determined the breadth of its application scope. New brands, developed by technologists of the enterprise for the last two years, along with high impact resistance have a good gloss that was already appreciated by producers of electrical engineering. The production of ABS parts, used in automotive industry, is also highly demanded : instrument panel flaps, frames, radiator grilles, doors and much more. In addition, planned ( prearranged ) and to order (customized) we produce ABS plastic products, used in:

• instrument;

• electronic;

• medical;

• electric household;

• many other industries.

You can purchase ABS plastic in Trading house «Plastic» from Moscow or any other city. Contact our experts for advice on the purchase of material. It is possible to buy the material in natural color or painted in a particular hue, both in small bulk and large wholesale.


In the catalogue of OJSC «Plastic» there are few  grades of extrusion ABS plastic. The extrusion process of ABS plastic is as follows: the material is melted in the extruder, then it is being  «pushed» through a die, followed by cooling and calibration. The advantages of extrusion ABS plastic high impact characteristics, mechanical strength and rigidity. Ekstruzionnye ABS plastic available in natural color or dyed, such as black or gray.

Scope of applacations for extrusion ABS plastic

Brands of plastic, presented in this section, are most often being used for the manufacturing of sheets of different thickness with glossy or matte surface, embossed in some cases. Sheets of ABS afterwards are being processed in vacuum- and blow molding into products:

∙ details of the interior and exterior of the car, including large body parts – the most often use of the black ABS plastic particularly;

∙ constructions for the advertising industry;

∙ housing components of some types of household appliances;

∙ furniture edge ABS;

∙ suitcases;

∙ a number of other products from ABS plastic extrusion.


OJSC «Plastic» offers a wide selection of brands molded ABS plastic. The main method of processing injection moulding ABS plastic – injection molding on injection molding machines. This method involves heating of material to a figurable state, and then plastic is injected into a molding form and cooled.

Several important advantages

Molded ABS Plastic Brands are characterized by high melt flow index, separate brand have burning resistance, anti-static properties. Resistance to high temperatures enables the use of molded ABS plastic for manufacturing of parts in automotive  industry. Some brands have the features of raised firmness and yielding flow, which allows to manufacture the small parts of the instrumentation and the automotive industry, a variety of technicals. Heat-resistant molded ABS is suitable for compounding with polycarbonate.

What is the material used for?

Flame retardant grades of ABS are used for molding housings of the assemblies, plant units, instruments, parts of technical products and household goods. Some brands are certified for food contact.

The list of possible applications:

∙ grilles in the car;

∙ caps of car wheels;

∙ housing of household and office equipment;

∙ metal plated fragments of household   appliances and office equipment;

∙ circuit breakers, switches;

∙ housing of the power tools;

∙ stationery;

∙ table accessories;

∙ toys; ∙ tinker toys;

∙ door handles;

∙ metallic products for plumbing;

∙ fittings;

∙ medical products.


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